How to get residence permit health insurance?

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How to get residence permit health insurance?

Ongun Sigorta

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Health Insurance for Foreigners; is a compulsory health insurance that must be valid during the residence period for foreigners residing in our country in order to obtain a residence permit. Regarding the residence permit application conditions for foreigners; As can be seen in the explanations made by the immigration office below, how the health insurance will be made is included in the 7th article. In addition, in the circular dated 10/05/2016 and numbered 16/2016; the conditions regarding the health insurance that foreigners must have for their residence permit are included.


What are the documents and information that is required for health insurance?


The foreigner’s passport or the TC number that is given to them

If the foreigner is coming to the country for educational purposes, a document that has the name of the institutionthey’re studying in

The nationality of the person

The residence address of the person

Their phone number

Their height and weight

Document on whether this is the person's first application

Document on whether this is an extension application


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Valid Health Insurance

The insurance period must cover the requested residence permit period.

Private health insurances that are made abroad are only valid if they are signed by the domestic agencies of the insurance companies.

People with bilateral social security agreements are required to have their status confirmed by the provincial social security units, and have to attach this e-signed/signed and stamped/sealed document to their application documents.

In family residence permit applications, the sponsor must have health insurance covering all family members.

In private health insurances, “This policy covers the minimum coverage structure determined in the circular on private health insurances to be issued for residence permit requests, dated 06/06/2014 and numbered 9.” Phrase must be present.

Please submit the e-signed/signed and sealed/stamped original of you insurance policy at the time for application. For extension applications, only include a certified copy go your policy in your application file.

Valid health insurance is not required for foreigners whose health-related expenses are covered by the relevant institutions during their stay in our country.

Provision documents to be brought from SGK should cover both the sponsor and the family members, and the stamp/seal and e-signature/signature of the relevant institution should be included in these documents.

Since students are covered by general health insurance within three months from the date of enrollment, valid health insurance is not requested from them, however they must obtain general health insurance within three months and notify the administration.

Within the scope of the existing “health cooperation agreements” between Turkey and Albania (100), Azerbaijan (20), Afghanistan (250), TRNC (150), Sudan (100), Kosovo(100), Gambia (25), Yemen (25), Kyrgyzstan (100), Niger (50) The residence permit procedures of the foreigners accompanying them for treatment purposes (unless there is a separate provision in the agreement regarding the companions) are carried out according to the general provisions.

According to the additional article 14 of the Health Services Basic Law No. 3359; valid health insurance is not required for residence permit applications from the companions of foreigners who come to Turkey with no more than two persons.

Valid health insurance is not required for those under the age of 18 and over the age of 65, however those who already have the valid health insurance must present their documents.

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